Fine Dining
Fine Dining
Sochi Casino & Resort is a truly world-class entertainment capital. Our venue is renowned not only for the stunning shows and concerts, but for the unique gastronomic experience that our signature restaurants offer to our valued guests. The creative cuisine is brought to you by Ilya Zakharov, one of the most famous, young and talented brand chefs in Russia.


Start your Epicurean journey into the world of new gastronomic impressions and explore the uniqueness of the taste combinations that this luxury restaurant has to offer. The menu features culinary sets and signature dishes by Ilya Zakharov as well as delicious snacks and seasonal offers. If you have more extravagant food fantasies in mind, try some of the gourmet items from our unique menu with sea urchins, black or white truffles, lobsters and crabs, caviar, snails and many other food specialties. Check out our bar menu to discover the fine array of beverages to delight even those of the most discerning taste. The restaurant also features cocktails mixed to a special recipe to add a cherry on top of your gastronomic experience!


Baffet is a casual restaurant offering a wide choice of international cuisine, including European, Chinese, and Japanese dishes. Our staff knows how to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with a compliment, joke or even a small surprise. The restaurant features an extensive bar menu.
Hookah is also available here.


The Royal Bar is a good place for a get together after the game and for relaxation in a comfortable setting. The bar is conveniently located in the centre of the main gaming area on the Casino’s ground floor. Choose from a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, have a snack, savour into the majestic sound atmosphere of the vintage grand piano or chat with our creative bartenders.




We always strive for the best; we are always in pursuit of the greatest pleasures, the best service, the best choice…
Yet, what seemed best just a few years ago has begun to fade against the background of the new, the unexplored, the unconquered and the untasted, and the race starts again. The race for the best entertainment in Sochi started a few years ago, and the opening of a casino in Sochi marked a new stage in that race. The crucial part of any race is to remain true to your principles, to set the bar high and always focus on reaching the next summit and beyond. These are the principles that guided us when we created the Brunello and Baffet restaurants, and now we can proudly say that they are the best restaurants in Sochi.


The Brunello and Baffet restaurants in Sochi are true kingdoms of taste. Not only do they pleasure your taste buds, but each time you visit they raise the bar for your sensations.
Looking for true aesthetic pleasure? Visit Brunello with its luxurious interiors, charming music and first-class food prepared especially for you in accordance with the unique recipes that bring the veritable gastronomic miracles created in the mind of brand chef Ilya Zakharov to life. If you want to surprise your significant other, Sochi’s best restaurant is just the place. Everything in Brunello is imbued with love, and the brand chef’s loving care is an indispensable ingredient in every dish.
The Baffet Restaurant will also touch your heart. The restaurant feels as if it is suffused with brightness. Here you will feel light and free, and you will be amazed by its understated and harmonious interiors. This very reasonably priced restaurant is great for merry get-togethers. Everything will be faultless – tasty food of the highest quality that is delivered promptly. The fiery rhythms of newest musical hits will further lift your spirits. Authentic European, Chinese and Japanese cuisine will evoke memories of traveling adventures. The only thing left to make the atmosphere perfect are the elite drinks and high-quality hookah on offer.
If you are looking for a restaurant in Sochi, you can’t go wrong with Brunello and Baffet, where we will make sure that you are always the winner in the race for the best, the newest, and the most unique!