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We launched a new giveaway: The JUICY SPIN with prizes worth RUB 500,000. An exciting tournament for all slot machine fans! Sizzling-hot beauties, an ocean of passion, and a thrilling contest for the main prize worth RUB 100,000 are waiting for you each Thursday at 23:00 in the main hall of Casino Sochi

Accumulating tickets

  1. Tickets are accumulated from Thursday to Thursday on slot machines only.
  2. You can exchange loyalty points for additional tickets and increase your chances of winning: 1 ticket = 60 points.


  1. he giveaway has 8 rounds. Rules are the same for all the rounds.
  2. The purpose of the game is to spend the credits as fast as possible. The player with the smallest number of credits is declared a round’s winner: the winner should lose all their credits, or else the balance of a player’s credits should be less than the bet: in this case, the game is stopped before the time set for the round is over.
  3. After 8 rounds, the final game is held. All 8 winners participate. The purpose of the game is to spend all the credits as fast as possible. The first place is given to the player with less credits on the meter than the bet; the second and third places are awarded in the same manner. Players awarded the 4th through 8th places are given equal prizes.
  4. Four unique tickets can participate in a single round. A player may take part in each of the 8 rounds if his or her ticket is drawn again.
  5. If all three machines display bonuses when the game time is over, the player with the smallest amount of credits on his/her machine is declared the winner.
  6. The tickets are accrued and issued at the Loyalty Club counter. Tickets are placed in the raffle drum located on the Loyalty Club counter.
  7. If a glitch in the online system or any other machine malfunction happens during a round, the round is considered unfinished and it is played again, regardless of the credits accumulated by each participant.


Prizes are worth RUB 500,000:

  • Tournament: RUB 400,000
  • Jackpots: RUB 100,000 (10 jackpots of RUB 10,000 each)

Тhe schedule of the giveaway

  • The giveaway is held on Thursdays between 22:00 and 00:00
  • The entertainment program starts at 21:00
  • The tournament starts at 23:00
  • Between 22.00 and 00.00 during the tournament, all slot machines in the casino’s main hall will pay out jackpots when playing with bets starting from RUB 50. A total of 10 jackpots worth RUB 10,000 will be paid out.
*Detailed information on the giveaway is available at Casino Sochi’s Loyalty Club counter.
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