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Kick Back while You Play: Come on a Gaming Tour to Casino Sochi!

Gaming Tours, otherwise known as Junket Tours, are vacations to gaming establishments on special conditions whereby the casino compensates all or part of the costs for air travel, transfers, accommodation and food for a given client.

Junket Tours to Casino Sochi offer the highest levels of comfort for the most seasoned players! Book the vacation of a lifetime to the heart of gaming and entertainment and we, along with our partners, will do everything in our power to ensure a gaming experience full of suspense and in magnificent surroundings, as well as top-class accommodation, a smooth flight, a comfortable transfer to and from the hotel, the highest level of service and an unforgettable time at Casino Sochi.

The affordable flight service allows you to take short one-day tours. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and get the most out of your vacation without sacrificing any of your precious time.

Come by yourself or with a group of friends. Choose the tour package that best suits your needs:

Deposit 1,000 c. s. u . *
(Tour 1 **)
5,000 c. s. u . *
(Tour 2 **)
10,000 c. s. u . *
(Tour 3)
30,000 c. s. u . *
(Tour 4)
Over 50,000 c. s. u . *
(Tour 5)
Air ticket *** Economy class x 1 Economy class × 2 Business class Business class or private charter
Transfer yes yes yes VIP VIP
Accommodation apartment
Food **** breakfast limited limited x2 All inclusive All inclusive
Additional services yes yes yes
Game time 2 hours minimum 3 hours minimum 3 hours minimum 5 hours minimum 5 hours minimum
Card Tables per Game 25 c. s. u. 50 c. s. u. 100 c. s. u. 200 c. s. u. 500 c. s. u.
Roulette per Spin 100 c. s. u. 200 c. s. u. 400 c. s. u. 500 c. s. u. 1000 c. s. u.
Slots per Game 5 c. s. u. 5 c. s. u. 10 c. s. u. 20 c. s. u. 30 c. s. u.
* Check with the casino for the current c.s.u. exchange rate.
** Gambling rounds of this level are cancelled over the period from 26 December 2017 until 28 February 2018.
*** Air tickets to Sochi will be compensated up to the following prices: tour 2 — 300 c.s.u.; tour 3 — 600 c.s.u.; tour 4 — 1000 c.s.u.
**** The range of food on offer depends on availability and varies according to which option is selected.

Tour packages are developed individually by our partner tour operator, with the assistance of Casino Sochi.

Discover a new gaming destination — always choose the best!

Welcome to Casino Sochi!
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