Crazy Horse Cabaret

Crazy Horse Cabaret

For the first time ever, one of the most important shows worldwide will be arriving to Sochi!

Forever Crazy, the international show of Crazy Horse Paris, will be performing at WOW ARENA on February 23rd , 2020. Enjoy a night of dazzling  fun and Parisian chic, reliving the legendary spirit of the French cabaret, established in 1951.

Show starts @10 p.m.

Balanced between sultry sensuality and cheeky humor, Forever Crazy cnosists of a series of highly aesthetic and visual tableaus presented by a multicultural cast of dancers, perfoming their talent onstage in sparse but glittering avant-garde costumes, and bathed in richly textured lighting, that have become internationally-recognized beacons of the Parisian cabaret’s one-of-a-kind genre.. Come eyewitness each artist embracing femininity and beauty in her own unique manner.

When the spotlight isn’t illuminating the contours of the Crazy Girls’ captivating figures, it’s shining on the acclaimed international variety acts such as bold burlesque singer-performer Laurie Hagen and sexy & humorous hip-hop sensation James Fenwick.

Normal is boring. Crazy is fun

Admission: Tickets available. Age restriction: 18 +

Get ready for a gorgeous 90-minute soirée comprised of the best acts from the highly acclaimed Crazy Horse Paris repertoire. Without setting foot in France, you can spend a spellbinding evening in Paris for a glamorously sensual show, with its revolutionary commitment to luxurious entertainment, radiant femininity, and unhinged sensuality. Touring the world since 2010, the not-to-be-missed show is constantly enriched with the latest creations from the Parisian headquarters, for the greatest pleasure of international public. 

You’re sure to be Forever Crazy for Crazy Horse Paris!

Tickets from 2 000 RUB

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