1.1. In American roulette, a wheel with 37 equally-sized slots numbered from 0 to 36 in random order is used.
1.2. 18 slots are red.
1.3. 18 slots are black.
1.4. 1 slot (zero) is green.
1.5. The goal of the game is to guess the number or sector of the wheel the ball will fall into and to place a bet (bets) on that number or sector.


Виды ставок

  • A SINGLE is a bet on a single number, paid out 35 to 1
  • A SPLIT is a bet on two numbers, paid out 17 to 1
  • A STREET is a bet on three numbers, paid out 11 to 1
  • A SQUARE/CORNER is a bet on four numbers, paid out 8 to 1
  • A SIX LINE is a bet on six numbers, paid out 5 to 1


Прием ставок

3.1. The croupier must make the “no more bets” announcement at least three turns before the ball falls.
3.2. The croupier makes the “no more bets” announcement, but the inspector, the pit boss and the casino manager have the right to make the announcement at their discretion.
3.3. Bets will not be accepted by the croupier either physically or verbally after the croupier, inspector, or pit boss made the “no more bets” announcement.
3.4. The croupier may not accept any more bets after the pit boss or inspector made the “no more bets” announcement. If the croupier has accepted and placed such a bet, it is declared invalid and must be returned to the player.
3.5. If a player lists a series of verbal bets to the croupier, and the croupier is not certain the bets are correct (or has understood the bets correctly) and the player does not have enough time to repeat the bets BEFORE the “no more bets” announcement, ALL the bets made by the players (both previously accepted and those that have not yet been accepted) must be treated as bets that have not been accepted and must be returned to the player. This means that all the consecutively listed bets should be either accepted or returned, and there are no deviations from the rule.
3.6. The players are responsible for making sure the croupier has understood their verbal bets. If the croupier makes a mistake when repeating a verbal bet and subsequently misplaces it, and the player fails to warn the croupier/inspector of the mistake before the “no more bets” announcement has been made, the bet is played as it was accepted by the croupier regardless of the spin’s outcome.
3.7. The players are prohibited from “pooling” together in order to exceed the table’s maximum bet either by physically made bets or through the use of e-terminals that might be connected to the table. The Casino’s management reserves the right to annul at any time any bets that it deems to be collective.
3.8. “Collective” bets are bets placed by a group of two or more players in an attempt to exceed the maximum bet for the table. The pit boss or the casino manager determine whether or not a “collective” bet has been placed by using their professional judgment based on personal observation and reports from the video surveillance department.
3.9. Players are responsible for bets that touch separating lines. Such bets are paid out in accordance with the coefficient for the current position of the chips.
3.10. If chips are touching the line when the dolly is placed on a number, the bet is considered to be on the line.
3.11. If a player contests the location of a chip and touches the chip in any manner, the chip is automatically paid out at the smallest possible coefficient.
3.12. When a bet is placed above the maximum, only the part of the bet up to the maximum is paid or collected, and any amount above the maximum is returned to the player.
3.13. Bets below the table’s minimum can be paid out or collected only once. After this, they are returned to the player regardless of whether they won or lost.

* Should a dispute occur at a table, the casino manager’s decision is final.

4.1. A “spin” is the process of spinning the ball in the wheel
4.2. The roulette ball can be any size and it can be made of any material the casino manager seems acceptable, except glass and metal.
4.3. Roulette balls in use can be replaced under the following circumstances:
A. A “no spin," meaning the ball has flown out the wheel.
B. If a pit boss or casino manager decides that a ball should be replaced with another ball of the same size and kind, or with a ball of a different size and kind.
4.4. A “spin” is valid when the ball makes at least three turns in the wheel in the opposite direction to the spin of the number-marked inner disc of the roulette wheel.
4.5. If, for any reason, during a spin or while the ball is falling into a slot, any colour trim on the roulette wheel has come unglued or unstuck, the spin is considered invalid, as are all bets.
4.6. If, for any reason, the wheel’s inner disc stops before the ball has fallen into a slot, the spin is declared invalid, as are all bets.
4.7. If, for any reason, during a spin, before the ball has fallen into a slot, a foreign object or a person influences the movement of the wheel or the ball, including through the change of air pressure that could affect the length of time the ball may spin, the spin is declared invalid, as are all bets.
4.8. If, for any reason, the croupier has to stop working before the “no more bets” announcement and the ball has fallen into a slot, the spin is declared invalid, as are all bets.

5.1. When playing at a table, a player may use only one set of colour chips.
5.2. A player cannot remove colour chips from the table.
5.3. If a player places a bet with colour chips from another table, all bets placed in this manner are declared invalid.
5.4. If a player takes colour chips away from the table and returns them after the gaming day has ended, these chips are cashed in according to their face value equal to the table minimum for the gaming day when the chips were bought.
5.5. Before leaving a table, players must cash in all their colour chips. Exceptions may be made with the confirmation of the pit boss or the upper management.

6.1. If security has declared an emergency, all spins/deals are automatically considered invalid, the wheels are stopped, and the floats are closed as quickly as possible.
6.2. No payouts are made at such time. Payouts may be made only after the emergency is declared over.
6.3. If power in the casino is down, all spins/deals are considered invalid, the wheels are stopped, and the floats are closed as quickly as possible.


CHIP Chips are used instead of money.
CHIPPER A casino employee who collects chips into stacks and maintains the float in order.
CHIPPING MACHINE A machine that performs the chipper’s duty.
COLOUR Colour: yellow, navy blue, green, orange, white, brown, pink, lilac.
CROUPIER An employee responsible for conducting and controlling the game.
INSPECTOR An employee who monitors the game on one or two tables, responsible for the correct gaming procedure at the table that he or she controls.
PIT BOSS A casino employee controlling the gaming process in the pit and the casino staff.
WHEEL A mechanical device: a round wheel with 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36.
LAYOUT A cloth cover marked for the game.
BET A wager made during a game.
PIT Two and more tables controlled by a pit boss.
FLOOR The gaming area in the casino.
STACK 20 chips of the same value and colour.
FLOAT A place on a gaming table for keeping cash chips (a metal tray with slots for holding chips).
CASH CHIP Chips on hand that can be used for any game at a casino’s tables. Each chip has its value and can be exchanged/cashed in at a pay box.
COLOUR CHIP Colour chips marked in a specific manner, used only in the roulette. A chip can be assigned different values; they cannot be used at another table or exchanged for cash in a pay box.
STRAIGHT UP A bet on a single number, paid out 35–1.
SPLIT A bet on two numbers, paid out 17–1.
STREET A bet on three numbers, paid out 11–1.
CORNER A bet on four numbers, paid out 8–1.
SIX LINE A bet on six numbers, paid out 5–1.
COLUMN A bet on twelve numbers that form a vertical line; paid out 2–1; loses if the ball falls in “0”.
DOZEN A bet on twelve numbers that form a horizontal line; paid out 2–1; loses if the ball falls in “0”.
EVEN CHANCES Even chances: all outside bets paid out 1–1; loses if the zero comes up.
RED/BLACK A bet on colour, red/black, paid out 1–1; loses if the zero comes up.
HIGH/LOW Big numbers 19–36, small numbers 1–18 paid out 1–1; loses if the zero comes up.
ODD/EVEN Even and odd numbers paid out 1–1; loses if the zero comes up.
DIRTY STACK 20 chips with one or more of them with various values or colours.
SHORT STACK An incomplete stack with fewer than 20 chips.
MAXIMUM A maximum wager when playing the field.
MINIMUM A minimum wager when playing the field.
MARKER A display indicating the value of colour chips.
RUB OFF Cutting chips off a complete stack on the table. The maximum number of chips that can be cut off is six.
PROVE Cutting a stack in order to show 20 chips in the stack.
CLEAN HANDS The clean hands procedure is performed by the staff to demonstrate that their hands are empty.
DROP CUT Cutting chips in the air and putting them on the table.
SIZE INTO Checking cut chips on the table by swiping the index finger on top of the chips.
MARK UP Marking chips on the roulette according to their value.
DOLLY A plastic or metal piece used in the roulette to mark the winning number.
WORKING AREA A croupier’s working zone where he or she forms the payout.
CHIPPER’S AREA A chipper’s working zone.
INSIDE HAND The inner hand that is closest to the wheel to set the ball spinning and cut chips.
OUTSIDE HAND The outer hand, located further away from the wheel, used to show bets and pay out outside bets.
TIP BOX A closed metal box below the gaming table for placing tips.
TABLE SIGN A sign on the table indicating the table’s minimum and maximum bets.
PUSHING STACKS Moving stacks on the table with the outside hand.
BUTTONS Plastic markers.
OUTSIDE BETS Outside bets on even chances, columns and dozens.
SPIN THE BALL The spinning of the ball in the wheel.
NO SPIN No spin:
1) fewer than three turns.
2) A foreign body in the wheel.
3) The ball and the wheel are spinning in the same direction.
4) An inspector’s or a pit boss’s command.
FIRST FOUR A bet on numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.
FIRST SIX A bet on numbers from 1 to 6.
LAST SIX A bet on numbers from 31 to 36.
WHEEL COVER A plastic cover for the wheel; used for closing a table.
FLOAT TRAY A box for keeping chips.
NUMBER DISPLAY An electronic display showing last 16 numbers on the roulette.
SECURITY SEAL A plastic seal for tamper-proof sealing of the gaming equipment.
SYSTEM iPAD The touch screen of a terminal used to input information / data in the System.