(to be read by all the casino guests)

These Terms are made in accordance with the civil code and the Federal Law No. 244-FZ dated 29.12.2006 “On State Regulation of Gambling Activity and on Amendments to Certain Statutes of the Russian Federation” and the Federal Law No. 115 dated 07.08.2001 (as revised 27.07.2006) “On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing” and shall be observed throughout the Casino.

1. General Provisions
1.1. These Terms of Entry to Casino Sochi, located at 51 Estonskaya Street, Esto-Sadok village, Sochi (hereinafter referred to as the Casino) set out the procedure for entry to the Casino and are designed to provide due public order in the Casino, to protect life, health, honour, dignity and property of the Casino guests as well as to protect the property of the Casino against security incidents.

1.2. Casino guests mean individuals that are present in the Casino (in the gaming area), including players and other individuals who are not denied entry to the Casino in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and these Terms.
1.3. These Terms shall be binding inside the Casino and at the territory adjacent to it and shall be observed by all the Casino guests.
1.4. The Casino Management shall be entitled to amend these Terms so that to improve the quality of the services provided and to enhance the operating efficiency of the Casino.
1.5. The Casino Management shall be entitled to close (or to restrict access to) certain premises and/or areas of the Casino at its own discretion.
1.6. Any guest entering the gaming area of the Casino acknowledges that he/she has read and understood these Terms and other documents established by the Casino Management and displayed for the public to see and that he/she has read the Fire Safety Regulations and agrees to observe them in their entirety.

2. Casino Dress Code
2.1. Entry to and remaining at the Casino is prohibited for the persons wearing:
2.1.1. dirty, sully, torn clothes and shoes;
2.1.2. sports clothes and shoes (including clothes and shoes for Alpine skiing), except for sneakers, gumshoes and tennis shoes;
2.1.3. workers’ uniform and shoes and other kinds of uniform (except for the staff on duty);
2.1.4. beachwear and beach shoes (including shorts and bathing suites);
2.1.5. camouflage uniform;
2.1.6. clothes with abusive/obscene words and images (including foreign words);
2.1.7. clothes with words and images (including foreign words) intended to foster hatred or enmity as well as to humiliate a person or a group of persons based on sex, race, nationality, language, origin, religion and social group membership.
2.2. Individuals whose appearance and actions do not comply with the universal principles of morality and ethics are not allowed to enter and remain in the Casino.
2.3. The Casino Management may introduce a special dress code for the Casino guests in line with a particular event.

3. Restricted Access
Entry the Casino is prohibited for:
3.1. Individuals under 18 years of age.
3.2. Individuals in state of alcohol, drugs or chemical intoxication or in any other state that may impair their adequate perception of the reality.
3.3. Persons with animals, birds, creepers and reptiles and any other species of fauna (except for guide dogs accompanying guests with disabilities).
3.4. Individuals with such visible signs that are deemed to be signs of infectious diseases.
3.5. Individuals with visible signs of behavioural deviations that differ from standard human behaviour.
3.6. Blacklisted individuals.
The Casino Management and its representatives reserve the right to refuse entry to the Casino to any individual without giving any reason whatsoever.

4. Rights of the Casino Guests
4.1. Casino guests shall have the right to use the food and beverage services and to attend entertainment events associated with gambling.
4.2. Only the games established by the Casino Management and set out in the Gaming Regulations are allowed in the Casino.
4.3. A Casino guest shall be entitled to seek explanations from the members of the Casino staff who are present in the Casino as regards to the situations related to any controversial games-related questions.
4.4. Representatives of the law enforcement (controlling) authorities are allowed to the Casino in accordance with the procedure set out by the current legislation.
4.5. Ambulances, emergency response teams and fire brigades that arrive to provide respective services are allowed to the territory of the Casino accompanied by the security staff.
4.6. Casino guests are allowed to film, photograph and record video themselves, including using mobile devices with photo and video recording functions, on the premises of the Casino. Filming, photographing and video recording other guests is only permitted based on their request. Filming gaming equipment as well as other Casino guests as they gamble is prohibited.

5. Obligations of the Casino Guests
Casino guests are required to comply with the provisions as follows:
5.1. Before registration all the Casino guests shall read and accept these Terms and the current Gaming Regulations of the Casino as well as the Betting and Payout Terms and Conditions. Any guest who disagrees with the requirements of the Casino staff shall comply with these requirements in a due manner.
5.2. All the Casino guests must be in possession of an ID. In accordance with the Casino Terms of Entry, the following documents can prove an identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation:

  • internal passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • military service card (for the conscripts), contract military service ID (number of the military unit shall be indicated);
  • travel passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • seaman’s passport.

A foreign national shall produce his/her passport of a foreign national alongside the immigration card and the immigration card shall be of importance.
A driver’s licence cannot be accepted as an ID by the Casino.
5.3. Upon their first entry to the Casino, guests need to present their main ID of a citizen of the Russian Federation or that of a foreign national that shall also prove the age of the guest to comply with the entry age requirements. ID information shall be entered into the guest card account.
5.4. A guest card cannot be accepted as an ID. By request from the Casino staff any guest shall display an ID alongside the guest card in accordance with these Terms to prove his/her identity and age.
5.5. The current Gaming Regulations of the Casino shall be observed during the games at all times.
5.6. Playing/betting in favour of another guest is forbidden. Entering any playing activity without personal presence at the gaming area is forbidden.
5.7. These Terms, universal code of conduct and principles of morality and ethics shall be observed at all times.
5.8. All guests are required to be sober-minded and temperate, they shall not create public disturbance and shall abide by the principles of morality and ethics and refrain from any kind of offensive language.
5.9. All the guests shall refrain from any activity that disturbs the comfort of other guests.
5.10. Keep the casino clean and tidy.
5.11. Upon entry to the Casino all guests shall read the Fire Safety Regulations and shall follow them at all times.
5.12. Any requests of the Casino security addressing the public disturbance at the Casino shall be strictly abided by the Casino guests.
5.13. Upon entry to the Casino all guests shall submit to a security metal detector check and shall open their bags, briefcases, etc., if requested by the security staff. In case a guest refuses to submit to this request, the Casino security staff shall have the right to deny entry to the Casino to this guest.
5.14. In compliance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 115-FZ “On Countering the Legalisation of Illegal Earnings (Money Laundering) and the Financing of Terrorism” dated 07.08.2001, guests are required to notify Guest Relations about any changes made to their identity documents the next time they visit the Casino in order for their details to be updated. Such changes include:
— Surname, name and patronymic (if the law or national custom provides for patronymic);
— Nationality;
— Identity document details: name, series and number, date of issue, issuing organisation, department code (if available);
— Immigration card details: series, number, entry and exit dates;
— Details of the document confirming the right of the foreign citizen or stateless person to stay (reside) in the Russian Federation: series (if available), number, validity dates of the right to stay (reside);
— Information on the registration at the place of residence (address) or actual place of residence (place of abode).
5.15. Casino guests who have found a lost item in the Casino must immediately notify the person who has lost the item, the owner, or any other person known to them who has the right to claim the item and return it to the person who has lost the item. If the owner of the lost item cannot be identified, the item is to be handed over to an employee of the Reception and Customer Services Department.

6. The Guests are not allowed to:
6.1. Violate the current Gaming Regulations of the Casino.
6.2. Damage or in any way degrade the property of the Casino.
6.3. Enter and remain at the Casino service facilities (this restriction does not apply to the representatives of law enforcement, monitoring and controlling authorities on duty).
6.4. Contact any staff members of the casino outside the gaming activity except for the individuals whose work duties include communication with the guests (Casino Management, security staff members, managers, receptionists).
6.5. Interfere with the duties of the Casino staff.
6.6. Smoking in the Casino is prohibited in accordance with the current legislation.
Decisions on any issues related to entry and presence at the Casino are vested in the Casino Management in accordance with these Terms and Gaming Regulations, established in the Casino.

7. Prohibited items:
7.1. Any kind of firearm, air gun, gas spray gun or bladed weapons, regardless of any documents permitting their carriage, special protective equipment of any kind (except those carried by representatives of law enforcement authorities equipped with service weapons that are present at the territory of the Casino with a need-to-know authority), as well as any other devices that are deemed by the security staff of the Casino to inflict damage to the staff and guests of the Casino.
7.2. Any kind of narcotics, poisonous, explosive, radioactive, combustible, inflammable, toxic and substances with strong odour.
7.3. Replica and mock-up fire guns, gas spray guns, non-lethal and bladed weapons.
7.4. Bulk items (big luggage, suitcases, backpacks, sports equipment and etc.).
7.5. Photo and video equipment, laptops, notebooks, electronic scanners and readers and any other kinds of equipment which purpose is impossible to determine by visual check.
7.6. Playing cards, dice and other Casino equipment.
7.7. Substances with strong odour (hair spray, gas or pepper spray, deodorant and etc.).
7.8. Alcoholic, non-alcoholic and other types of beverages, and food.
Individuals in possession of any kind of items prohibited at the territory of the Casino in accordance with these Terms are not allowed to enter the Casino and to remain at the territory of the Casino.
If required, the information about the individuals in unlawful possession of prohibited items at the territory of the Casino who are detained by the Casino staff will be provided to law enforcement authorities.

8. Responsibility of the Casino Guests
8.1. In case a Casino guest commits unlawful activities that are attributable to an administrative or criminal offence, the Casino staff will inform law enforcement authorities thereof in order to hold such a guest duly accountable. In this case, the Casino security staff reserve the right to take lawful steps to suppress the offence and to detain the offender.
8.2. In case of any damage or degrading inflicted to the Casino property, the Casino shall be entitled to seek a full damage compensation from the offender in accordance with the current civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. Rights and Obligations of the Casino staff
9.1. In case of any issues inside the Casino that require an intervention of the Casino security, the latter may take such enforcement actions as required for justifiable defence and in conditions of emergency.
9.2. The Casino staff shall have a right to request any guest in breach of these Terms to immediately leave the Casino and the service area adjacent to it. In case the offender refuses to do so enforcement measures may be used to remove him/her from the Casino and the territory adjacent to it.
9.3. The Casino takes no responsibility for any personal items of the guests left unattended at the territory of the Casino.
9.4. Personal items checked in at the cloakroom can be collected only in exchange for a cloakroom tag. In case the cloakroom tag is lost the personal items can be collected only subject to the presence of a Casino Management representative and the Casino guest shall display an ID and describe the items.
9.5. Lost and found items shall be registered and stored at the Casino in accordance with the current legislation.
9.6. The Casino takes no responsibility for any clothes checked in at the cloakroom as well for the money, valuables and other items left in the pockets or elsewhere in the clothes.
9.7. The Casino Management reserves the right to maintain a list of individuals who are denied entry to the Casino. Such list may include individuals removed from the Casino for breach of these Terms; individuals who are on similar lists at other gaming establishments. Entrance to the Casino and its adjacent territory is prohibited for the individuals who are on this list.

10. Notice
10.1. Video and audio surveillance is in place throughout the Casino to ensure safety of the guests and staff of the Casino.
10.2. All the personal data of the guests is stored and used by the Casino Management in accordance with the procedure established by law. This data can be used to prevent offences and for other legitimate purposes (including email messages, mail-outs, phone calls and sms messages to the customers about events and services available at the Casino).
10.3. The Casino Management warns that gambling addiction can be dangerous.