Rules of the «Win a Cool Million» Super Game

Rules of the «Win a Cool Million» Super Game

1. Name of the promotion: «Win a Cool Million».

2. Organizer of the promotion: DOMAIN Co Ltd. Address: Office 202, 11, Vremena Goda Embankment, Estosadok, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, 354392.

3. The promotion will run from 9:00 on 21 June 2017 to 23:00 on 4 November 2017.

3.1. The super game will take place at 23:59 on 4 November. The winner will be announced at Sochi Casino & Resort.

4. The prize fund for the super game consists of a grand prize of 1 million c.s.u.
1 c.s.u. = 50 roubles.

4.1. The prize is awarded to the winner in the form of casino tokens or loyalty points. Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

5. Conditions of participation:

5.1. The draw is open to Loyalty Club members who are Platinum, Diamond or Premier card holders only.

5.2. Players must have won ticket(s) at the following games:

  • American roulette: payouts of 3000 c.s.u or more earn 1 ticket;
  • Russian Poker, Texas Holdem and Oasis Poker: flush hands or better on bets of at least 100 c.s.u. earn 1 ticket;
  • Blackjack: single-coloured Blackjack hands and 777 combinations (any colour) on bets of at least 100 c.s.u. earn 1 ticket;
  • Punto Banco: Egalite hands with 6 points or higher on bets of at least 50 c.s.u. earn 1 ticket;
  • On the slot machines:
    1. Tickets are awarded immediately in the following cases: if a player wins a magic prize of 100,000 roubles or more — 1 ticket;
    2. Tickets are awarded for regular play on the slot machines and are calculated at the end of the gaming day. The tickets are then presented to the player upon his or her next visit to the casino: 1 ticket for every RUB 800,000 of bets on the slot machines (excluding electronic roulette), regardless of the number of sessions played;
  • In addition:
    1. Certificates for 10, 20 and 50 tickets can be won in our regular prize draws;
    2. Participants in the prize draw to win a new car (on 26 August) will receive 2 certificates for the 1 million c.s.u. super game qualifying round.

6. Rights and obligations of participants in the super game:

6.1. The promotion is open to anyone aged 18 (eighteen) or over.

6.2. The Organizer’s employees and their family members cannot take part in the promotion.

6.3. By taking part in the promotion, participants consent to the use, in perpetuity and without any kind of remuneration or compensation, of their names, photographs and other materials that may become known within the framework of the promotion by the Organizer or third parties engaged by the Organizer for advertising purposes.
The Organizer reserves the right to publish additional information about the promotion on its website.

6.4. A participant of the prize draw is entitled for the prize only if this participant is recognized as the winner in accordance with the terms and conditions of the promotion.

6.5. Participants in the promotion must:

  • Follow the rules and regulations with regard to participation in the promotion and collecting prizes and observe the established time limits.
  • Provide authentic information for participation in the promotion.
  • Participants are personally responsible for the non-fulfilment (improper performance) of the abovementioned obligations.
  • Participants must be physically present in the casino during the prize draw.

7. Promotion procedure and time limits for collecting winnings:

7.1. Participants collect tickets in the manner prescribed in Paragraph 5.2 herein throughout the period of the promotion. Tickets are given to participants in person and their duplicates are placed into the prize draw drum. On the day of the prize draw, tickets are taken out of the drum at random, opened and placed (with the  participant’s number face up) on the roulette table for the qualifying round. The qualifying round involves three spins of the roulette wheel to determine the three dozen tickets that move onto the final. The winning tickets are placed in the finals drum and the roulette layout is cleared. The finalists’ tickets are hidden (with the participant’s number face down) and placed on the roulette layout for the final round. In the final round, the roulette wheel is spun one time only. The tickets either side of the winning number receive the runner-up prizes, and the player with the winning numbered ticket wins the grand prize.

7.2. Tickets are issued until 23:00 on 4 November 2017, at which time all tickets are placed into the drum.

7.3. The prize is paid out immediately to the winner, with the loyalty points being credited to his or her Loyalty card or presented in the form of casino tokens.

8. Procedure for informing participants about the terms and conditions for winning prizes:

8.1. These rules, including a description of the promotion, the prize draw and the time frames are duly posted on the Sochi Casino & Resort website.

8.2. Participants can familiarize themselves with the rules of the promotion on the Sochi Casino & Resort website website.

9. The Organizer shall not be liable:

9.1. In case any of the participants provided invalid or incomplete information about themselves.

9.2. For non-fulfilment (late fulfilment) by participants of their obligations described herein.

10. By taking part in the promotion, participants confirm that they agree to the present Rules and to the terms and conditions of the promotion.